The Sedlec Ossuary: Church of Human Bones

The soil beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, Czech Republic, embraces a macabre spectacle. In the shadow of the Baroque church that looms above it, a flight of steps descends timidly into the earth and leads the way to a small, cruciform chamber where vaulted ceilings, candelabras and even large pyramids are richly decorated in what would normally be considered a charming and bijou little locale. But, this place is most definitely not charming, as upon entering, it quickly becomes apparent that the interior designer was going for the gruesome look, for housed within the chapel are the bones of some 40,000 human corpses, and bizarrely it is these skeletal remains that make up all of the chapel’s decorations.

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Writer. Excels at staring blankly, having bad hair and storing food in cheeks. Wrote Eerie Britain, amongst other things.
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