Christmas Gift Ideas, #124: Genuine 1842 Vampire Hunter’s Kit.

So what do you get the guy who has everything? Well, if you have $15,000 spare then why not pick up this genuine Dutch vampire hunter’s kit? The item is up for auction on due to the percussion cap pistol included in the box. Also included are wooden stakes, a crucifix, a bible and a mallet. A lengthy blurb accompanies the listing and offers such gems as: “Antique wooden killing kits were kept in the attics of old houses, just waiting for the day when the creatures creep from the attics of our minds.”

Still, beats getting more socks. Yes Mother, I’m looking at you.

For more research into real-life ghost cases and macabre legends please check out my ebooks.

About MBForde

Writer. Excels at staring blankly, having bad hair and storing food in cheeks. Wrote Eerie Britain, amongst other things.
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