Tips for Marketing and Promoting your Ebooks

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I’ve been self-published through Amazon KDP for a few years now and been fortunate to have sold thousands of my ebooks, so people sometimes ask me how to go about marketing their own work. Thanks to my Eerie Britain books, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way so here are a few tips.

1 – Get Blog Reviews

Look for blogs that review ebooks appropriate to your genre and email them asking if they’d like a free copy for review. “Hi, I’ve been really enjoying your blog recently and got to wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing a copy of my recent ebook.” Not all will, and many might not even reply but some of them do and can become strong contacts for future collaborations. I’ve managed this three times (out of only about five goes). TOP TIP: the younger bloggers seem keener and often have very wide audiences.

2 – Wikipedia

If you already have a Wikipedia page then make sure you add your ebook projects for a bit of extra exposure. Anyone can edit Wikipedia and it sits high on the search engine returns.

3 – Good Reads

Get intimate with Good Reads—create an author profile and explore what you can do with the site. Many readers love the fact that authors are on there and want to communicate with you.

4 – Facebook

The same goes for Facebook: use it to create a page or community for (or related to) your product. I’ve had sales from doing just such a thing via my Eerie Britain Facebook community: some readers I’d been chatting to actually bought my paperback even though they’d already bought my ebooks, the lovely people. Be prepared to post good content regularly to keep people around.

5 – Sites to Familiarise Yourself With

I think they are all based in the US (I’m in the UK), but that might not affect you as much as it does me (as I have Britain in my title).

  1. Ereader News Today:
  2. Kindle Nation:
  3. Pixel of Ink:
  4. Inspired Reads:
  5. Kindle Reader:
  6. GoodReads:
  7. IndieReader:

6 – Get a blog going.

I bet you’ve started one somewhere but perhaps it’s now gathering dust. You don’t have to post thousands of words every day, but regular content builds the hits—this is the long game so think in terms of years. This blog is in its fourth year now and has totalled 75,000 hits so far with virtually no self-promotion of it. It’s been fun to build and gets more popular with each year on its own. Occasionally you’ll hit pay dirt, too: one of my off-the-cuff paranormal articles is the fifth return on the Google keyword search for it—and climbing. It did that on its own.

7 – Give away the first chapters of your ebooks on your blog.

The first chapter should be something of a hook anyway, so it’s a perfect thing to draw in potential readers—don’t forget the links to where your books are on sale.

8 – Guest blog.

Find blogs and websites that you like (doesn’t have to be about fiction) and offer guest articles to them for free. Just ask that your sign-off mentions your work. This is a great way for someone to get your links onto really busy websites. Besides the marketing advantages, the best thing about guest-blogging is that it can be fun as you can write whatever your heart desires as long as it’s appropriate to the blog. (If anyone would like to guest-blog here, you’re most welcome.)

9 – The Most Important Bit

If you want to properly market your ebooks, you need to get your head around it taking up a LARGE chunk of your work time. If you are, like I am at the moment (due to work and life circumstances), unwilling to dedicate that much to time to this facet of modern writing then you simply won’t get as popular as you might have been otherwise.

Have I missed anything?

For more information please check out my ebooks.

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