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The SS Ourang Medan: Death Ship (Updated)

The Strait of Malacca has long borne the passage of trading ships. Over the centuries, most of these merchantmen reached their destinations safely, however, one day in the summer of 1947 (or 1948) a forbidding SOS message drifted across the … Continue reading

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The SS Watertown’s Haunting Faces

At the end of 1924, an oil tanker called the SS Watertown sailed from California toward the Panama Canal en route to New Orleans and New York. Although the crew didn’t know it, the tanker’s name would end up being … Continue reading

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The Ourang Medan Death Ship

(Kentin) The strait of Malacca near Sumatra have long borne witness to the passage of trade ships. Ivory, fabrics, perfumes, glassware and precious stones have passed through the strait’s Pacific waters, stowed in countless cargo holds, eventually to settle in … Continue reading

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