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The Mystery of Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel

This is one strange and sad tale. And there’s a video. A weird video. The Elisa Lam mystery stands out for a few reasons. Firstly, this is no centuries-old fireside tale with scant photographic evidence and super-dodgy sources. Secondly, the … Continue reading

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SOLVED: That Hospital-Bed Demon Photo

“Proof that demons exist!” This was doing the rounds a month or so ago, but, as it has recently re-emerged to the same gasps as last time, I thought I’d pen a quick blog post to try and clear up … Continue reading

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Are Poltergeists an Economic Phenomenon?

This is from January, but it caught my eye recently. BBC Radio 4 Today In the late 1970s, an item was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 that caught the attention of Today Programme’s guest editor, Al Murray. The report, about a … Continue reading

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St George and the English

St George, Bradfield St George, Suffolk (Simon_K) Good old St. George: the quintessential symbol of England. This dragon-slaying knight of yore makes an apt figurehead for a nation that has enjoyed (and still does enjoy) an influential reach far out … Continue reading

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