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I’ve always loved the endless macabre and fascinating tales that Britain has to offer. This is a land with more ghost stories than you can shake an EMF detector at: perfectly good farmhouses harbour mischievous poltergeists and snowy mountain ranges are home to baffling spectres, while castles and country houses list royal apparitions among their denizens.

When I became a writer I couldn’t hold back from delving more deeply into twenty of my favourite cases. New research and an open mind brought interesting revelations and crucial information that other ghost books simply overlook. The result was two popular ebooks, one paperback and over 10,000 kind readers.


Ghosts and Legends of Aberglasney House and the Tywi Valley



Standing within the supposedly cursed shadow of Grongar Hill, and abandoned for decades, Aberglasney House became a place of fear. Peculiar and disturbing noises seemed to emanate from within the crumbling confines while flickering lights were seen moving from empty room to empty room—corpse candles, according to some, and omens of impending death. This ebook investigates this infamous House which boasts of being haunted by up to 120 ghosts and the surrounding Tywi Valley which is rich with tales of ghosts, legendary thieves and strange beasts.

An Introduction to Mentalism and the Ideomotor Effect



Even in this age of science, dowsing, Ouija boards and psychic mediumship all have their staunch believers and resolute practitioners. What might come as a surprise to many though, is that, through the practice of mentalism, a ‘true’ reading of the mind does indeed seem to exist—and has done for over a century, at least. This ebook outlines the historical origins of mentalism, some of its greatest characters, and instructs the reader on how to do it themselves.

All of the above are available, worldwide, from Amazon and other retailers.

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